There may be more than meets the eye in May's sales tax allocation

The large increase in May's sales tax allocation may include some lingering effects of February's winter storm.


Efficiently serving mapping data on hundreds of thousands of properties

A behind-the-scenes look at a major overhaul of our property tax mapping engine


Why you should ask for a sales tax permit before CO

A quick city management pro-tip to help with sales tax compliance


Introducing Search Preview

It's now even easier to find what you're looking for in ZacTax

Chad Janicek

Shapes are fun, Shapefiles are funner

You can now import Shapefiles to create geographic regions

Chad Janicek

Feature Friday: Region Layers

New Feature: Region layers allow you to conveniently organize your geographic regions into groups

Chad Janicek

Budget help: keeping tabs on irregular taxpayers

A quick pro-tip on using the tagging feature to manage your one-time and irregular taxpayers

Chad Janicek

Who tells your story?

Your job doesn't end when a decision is made. You have to be able to tell your story; to your staff, your council, and your community. Learn about the new approach we're taking to help you do just that.


New Feature: Tag, you're it!

A quick introduction to some new ways we're helping you organize, categorize, and analyze your sales tax data

Chad Janicek

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