Understand your community's property wealth like never before

Appraisal Roll Details

Not getting much value from your appraisal district's three-page summary?

  • High Level Breakdowns

    Quickly view your property values by property type, use, land/improvements, and more.

  • Dig Deeper

    Compare trends over time and view details for any specific property in your community.

  • Exemption Summaries

    How are exemptions affecting your bottom line? We show you the impact of homestead, ag, and other exemptions across your community.

Amazing Geographic Analysis

We're building additional geographic tools specifically for your property tax data that will blow your socks off.

  • Analytics for everyone

    From planning to finance to the C-Suite, we've got geographic insights and reports that can help your entire organization.

  • Aggregated neighborhood data

    Bring your subdivisions to life with creative and intuitive analytics that provide real answers to your questions.

  • Do you even Strong Towns?

    Our property tax module has been imbued from Day One with a Strong Towns mentality. Let us help you build a smart, resilient, and financially stabile community from the ground up!


For Power Users, our InsightEngine gives you the ability to pick apart your data and get real answers, real fast.

  • How far down the rabbit hole can you go?

    Slice and dice your data however you need. Want to see the average price-per-foot for homes on 3/4 acre lots built between 1995-2000 with at least 4 bedrooms and a pool? We've got you covered 😉

  • Save your filtered segments for detailed statistics

    Once you've identified an interesting segment of your data, you can save it for future querying. Our statistics engine gives unique insights on all of your segments, including hypothesis testing.

  • Who needs a GIS department anyway?

    Take control of your own destiny. Use ZacTax to get the answers you need today, not when your GIS folks can get around to it.

Other features

  • Whoops Protection

    Don't be like Wasatch County, Utah. Quickly and easily find errors in your appraisal district''s numbers before you adopt your budget.

  • Geographic Integration

    Fully integrate your property tax revenue in your ZacTax geographic analysis.

How can you get ZacTax for Property Tax?

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