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One of our founders is a budget nerd, so we've got you covered.

We originally built ZacTax because we needed better sales tax data for our financial forecasting. Every vendor out there was so focused on auditing, and the reports we'd get were just kind of a by-product. You remember those days, right?

Anyway... we worked in a city that had no property tax (literally), so sales tax was extremely important to us. We built ZacTax from the ground up to provide the level of detail we needed to:

  • Quickly answer questions from our auditors
  • Validate incentive reimbursements before we paid them out
  • Accurately forecast our revenues for the next couple of years
  • Figure out if that down month we just had was a bump in the road or if we should start prepping that mid-year budget adjustment

Sales tax forecasting is tough

You know sales tax. It can be all over the place, especially when something like Covid-19 shows up and throws everything out of whack. In order to stay one step ahead of your trends, you need really good data. ZacTax pulls in your confidential sales tax data and breaks it down by taxpayer, industry, and geography, so you can get the full picture. And we also pull in more than 20 years of publicly available historical data so you can see how your collections have changed over time.

Speaking of time

...we know you don't have a ton of it. So we've spent a lot of our own time crafting charts, graphs, and maps to help you quickly quickly understand where your sales tax is coming and going. ZacTax is not just a coat of paint on top of PowerBI, or a dropdown list of canned reports. It's a full-featured, batteries-included app designed to serve your organization's financial goals.

And, our platform is robust. You can jot down notes or flag taxpayers for future reference. We even help out by letting you know who's delinquent!

We also know that sales tax isn't everything. You also have a very important revenue source that's basically a black box to you: property tax. And we've got you covered there, too!

Track your property tax revenue over time, by property type, neighborhood, and more, so you can accurately predict what your values will be when budget-season rolls around. When your certified values come in 6% lower than preliminary, we'll be here to show you where those changes took place!

The most important thing you can do is ensure your city's long term fiscal health. With ZacTax's Economics module, you can now track the fiscal health and profitability of each neighborhood. Are they generating enough revenue to pay for things like roads and policing? Are your residential neighborhoods requiring a subsidy from your commercial developments?

Your budget may be balanced, but your long term obligations could still be upside down. Our Profitability Studies allow you to see the bigger picture (and track how you're performing over time), and our Pipeline module allows you to track and estimate the profitability of future developments as well.

It's true, most of what we offer you can probably do yourself. If you have some Excel chops and a super high powered computer to run all of those calculations, the patience to clean up the data, and of course the time to build and maintain the spreadsheets, you can do *most* of what ZacTax does yourself.

You could also manage your books on pen and paper, and that would be pretty hardcore. You should probably get some kind of medal for that. But isn't it easier to just use the best tools for the job?

Try ZacTax free for 30 days with absolutely no obligation. We've been in your shoes; we know what a pushy software salesperson is like. That's not us. If you don't like it, no hard feelings (we promise)!

Greetings, fellow wizard of the dark arts!

Economic development may seem like someone is hiding behind the curtain, but we know that business growth and retention is driven by people with specific knowledge. We built ZacTax while actively recruiting businesses to our community. With specific knowledge, ZacTax allows you to focus your recruitment on the highest revenue generators and specifically understand where you need to focus retention efforts.

ZacTax was built specifically to help economic developers...

Make better deals

We have over 25 years of combined experience in city government, and we only sit on your side of the table.

Trying to negotiate development agreements? We are available (and we never charge extra) to provide advice and data assistance so you can make better deals.

ZacTax can provide revenue estimates and be a source of truth when users and developers try to overestimate performance.

Geographically track specific developments

ZacTax allow users to build georegions on the fly without any crazy “import” charges. These regions allow you to quickly track development agreements without having to constantly request reports from each business. Build as many regions as you would like inside ZacTax without the need to call or send us any files.

Provide Industry breakdowns

Need more diversification? ZacTax provides a full breakdown of industry performance which allows economic development professionals to quickly assess overall sales tax revenue health. During Covid-19, using industry data our clients were able to determine their exposure and make sound budgeting decisions.

Are you making profitable deals?

Everyone loves a good ribbon cutting, but are the deals you're making helping or hurting the city's long term fiscal health? ZacTax's new Pipeline feature allows you to build pro formas for prospective developments to ensure that they'll generate enough revenue to cover their obligations.

Understand how we are performing

ZacTax allows you to track not only your city’s performance but the performance of other communities as well. Use our custom benchmarking charts to not only show your community’s performance, but how that compares to your benchmark communities. Then take that data to your city council or EDC board to create honest, transparent dialogue about the economic performance of your community.

While much of the data found inside of ZacTax is confidential and may not be publicly shared, the internal scoring of incentives deals should have the most accurate data possible when making decisions. With over 145 cities using ZacTax throughout Texas we can connect you to numerous colleagues that may have completed similar deals or worked to recruit similar businesses. Most importantly, we provide assistance, insights, and trends at no cost to the city or their economic development consultant (and we never work for developers).

Use ZacTax free for 30 days, no pressure and no pushy sales. If you do not like it, just don’t pay us! It is that easy.

To whom it may concern:

We understand your time is precious, so here is a succinct and well-crafted series of bullet points explaining why ZacTax is worthy of your consideration as you choose a revenue analysis vendor:

1. Our incentives are the same as yours

ZacTax is the only sales tax vendor that's focused on analysis rather than audit (although we do have a patent-pending audit platform that comes with your subscription). Our primary goal is to provide your organization with the information it needs to make good decisions. When a consultant's financial incentives are tied to audit findings, providing real insight into your data is naturally going to be an afterthought. In fact, we built ZacTax precisely because we couldn't get the information we needed from the other guys.

2. Our prices are reasonable and fixed

We know that purchasing is a pain, and haggling over a percentage point here or there on finder's fees is mind-numbing. That's why we chose to provide a lot of value for a reasonable, flat fee. It's right here on our pricing page. You can budget responsibly because you know exactly what we charge. We'd much rather have a client tell us our prices are too low than search high and low to justify the expense.

3. ZacTax is the best tool for the job

If you're reading this, you're probably either looking at several vendors or are considering buliding something in-house.

The truth is, if you have the resources to do it in house, you probably could. The data that powers ZacTax is 100% yours. You can get it from the same places we do. And if you do have a top-notch set of developers and GIS techs in your IT department, they could probably build something to clean, ingest, transform, aggregate, and display the information on their own. But it's likely to cost a heck of a lot more to build and maintain your home-grown software than it would to pay us (and not to toot our own horn, but it probably won't be as robust). Plus, you get access to the vast network of more than 180 local governments that trust ZacTax.

Maybe you don't have the resources, so you're looking at other vendors. That's great! Please give us all an honest appraisal. And after you've looked at their products, seen the service they provide, evaluated the information they present, and considered the stories they help you tell, we hope you'll take a look at ZacTax as well. We think you'll find it's the most powerful, full-featured, and easy-to-use platform on the market. And you'll probably save quite a bit with us as well.

4. We are former city managers ourselves

We've been in your shoes. We are MPAs with more than 20 years of combined experience managing local governments, and we eagerly give back to the public administration community through talks, podcasting, writings, and sharing code. Our bottom line is not as important as moving the profession of city management forward (otherwise we'd probably charge more). We have a passion for local government that's not just theoretical: we know how hard running a city is and we are here to be a partner. You can call or email us whenever you want, whether it's a question on sales tax or building codes, and we'll do our best to help you out.

And because we've been there, we know that you need more than just analytics. That's why ZacTax is focused on helping you tell your stories once you've settled on a course of action. We're the only service available that's focused on getting you from understanding to decision to consensus.

5. We'll never pressure or harass your staff

Our sales style is the epitome of low-pressure. Take ZacTax for a 30-day test-drive absolutely free. If you don't want to keep it, just don't pay the invoice. We'll be sad for you to go, but we won't give you the hard sell. We're here to make your lives easier, and if we can't do that, we won't pester you about it.

That's it! Five short statements that we hope will convince you to give ZacTax a try. A 30-day free trial is waiting for you whenever you're ready. Thanks for your consideration!

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ZacTax is an analytics platform specifically designed to help local governments make better decisions.

Sales Tax

Our flagship sales tax analysis platform includes everything you need to become the resident sales tax guru.

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Property Tax

Gain a seriously in-depth knowledge of your community's wealth.

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Features? Sure, we've got some of those!

  • Powerful Geographic Analysis

    Quickly identify where you revenue is generated simply by drawing on a map. You don't even have to ask us for permission!

  • Lightning Fast Search

    Intelligent and powerful search puts all of your data at your fingertips instantly

  • Powerful Reporting

    Unique insights for users across your organization, from finance to economic development to the C-Suite.

  • Full access to your data

    Easily export every chart and data table for use in presentations, reports, or for further analysis.

  • Flexible organization

    Tag your taxpayers, properties, and other data for flexible categorization, and jot down notes for future reference.

  • First-Class Security

    Your data are secured both in-transit and at-rest with industry standard encryption, and high-powered 24/7 monitoring.

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