We all want to make good decisions. With ZacTax, you can be confident that you are.

Profitability Analysis

Every development brings both the potential for new revenue and the burden of obligation, but our fiscal analysis focuses mostly on the former. ZacTax helps you provide a deeper accounting of the impact your development patterns have had on the ability to keep your city financially solvent.

  • Detailed revenue estimates

    Deeply integrated into sales and property tax data, the ZacTax Profitability Engine calculates realistic estimates of revenue generation within a development.

  • Accurate expenditure obligations

    We provide a more accurate accounting of your true expenditure obligations, including the infrastructure costs that often get pushed to the back of mind. You might be surprised how much your developments are actually costing you.

  • Citywide Profit and Loss

    A holistic view of how each neighborhood's development patterns impacts their ability to contribute back to the city, or the amount of subsidy they need to stay afloat.

Development Proformas

For too long, city managers have been shorthanded in development meetings. Developers bring their plans and proformas, making the case for what they need to get a project to pencil, while cities often look at the new revenue without considering the lifecycle expenses. ZacTax Proformas allow you to quickly and easily see if a prospective development pencils for the city, not the developer.

  • Analyze with Alacrity

    You can build a proforma and get a cost recovery estimate in a couple of minutes, depending on how fast you are with a 10-key.

  • Profitability Recommendations

    When you get the bad news that a prospective development isn't viable for the city, we offer some recommendations on how you might be able to amend the plans to make it work for you, too.

  • What-if Scenarios

    While our recommendations give you a sense of scale, you'll probably want to finely-tuned alternative. The What-if builder allows you to tweak the development in bits and pieces so you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Other features

  • Economic KPIs

    Extensive mapping features present a variety of economic data to improve your decision making.

  • And it's free*

    The Decision Engine package, including our new Economics and Pipeline modules, is completely free with a subscription to Sales Tax and Property Tax.

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