Posted on August 20th, 2021

For this Feature Friday, we're dropping two big improvements for ZacTax. The first, which we're calling Cohorts, is a brand new way to organize, aggregate, and analyze your sales tax data.

Cohorts offer an ad hoc method for grouping taxpayers and aggregating their payment data. Much like Industries and Geographic Regions, Cohorts provide advanced statistics for any grouping of taxpayers you need to combine. It's especially useful for incentive tracking and combining payments from a business that has changed permit numbers, like when a franchised business changes ownership.

And since speed is always a high priority, creating Cohorts is fast (and cheap). Group a handful of taxpayers together to answer a quick question, then delete the Cohort when you're done!

The second big feature is the ability to update a Geographic Region by uploading a shapefile. A few months ago, we added the ability to create new Regions from shapefiles. Now, you can edit the boundaries of an existing Region the same way.

We're always adding more to ZacTax, so stay tuned for the next Feature Friday!

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