Posted on August 27th, 2021

Last week we introduced a new feature, Cohorts, which gives you the ability to create customized aggregations of sales taxpayers for more detailed analysis. This week, we've supercharged Cohorts by giving you the ability to create them dynamically (hence the name).

Dynamic Cohorts come with several prepackaged groupings, including top taxpayers, online retailers (based on a repository that we at ZacTax maintain), tag-based groupings, and taxpayers that have had recent struggles. Each month when new data is imported, these groups will be updated to reflect the current state of your sales tax collections.

But in addition to the preset groupings, you can also use our powerful query builder tool (the same one you know and love from throughout ZacTax) to build your own custom Cohort.

Cohorts were already an extremely powerful tool for better understanding your sales tax collections; Dynamic Cohorts brings a new level of flexibility for your analytical needs, and it's available now as part of your sales tax subscription!

Want to see the power of Dynamic Cohorts firsthand? Reach out for a free trial of ZacTax today!

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