The economic development CRM that will turn your recruiting efforts up to 11

Does your economic development lack focus and organization?

Economic development is more art than science, and often sends your staff in a new direction each week. Keep your efforts organized and focused by getting everyone on the same page.

ZacPipeline is the development CRM you've always wanted. Keep tabs on contacts, contract revisions, pro formas, scoring, and more. All of your communication in one place; never forget a follow up.

And don't forget, recruitment is only half the battle. Once you've landed that shiny new development, ZacPipeline can help you manage your incentives, help your retention efforts, and create transparency reports.

We're currently in development, but would love to chat with you if this sounds like the economic development solution you've been looking for!

ZacPipeline is still under development. If you'd like to be kept in the loop, send us your email address below.