We make it easy for your local businesses to pay their taxes

Paying taxes will never be fun, but it can be easy

We're building a truly unique payment platform designed specifically for local governments. Designed to streamline the process for your businesses, ZacPayments takes the pain out of paying your taxes.

Our powerful form builder can replicate even the most complex form, and goes a step further by including automatically calculated fields to speed up submissions while reducing errors. And our standard form sets for common tax types collect a wealth of data for later analysis.

But it's not all about making life easier for your taxpayers, we also want to help your accounting departments! We'll tie your GL accounts to any form field so that your deposit reports can include a journal entry template to simplify your bank reconciliation. Weekly deposits get money in your bank quickly without overwhelming your staff with dozens of journal entries each month.

We're currently beta testing, and would love to chat with you if this sounds like the payment solution you've been looking for!

Ready to see how we can help streamline your payment process?